Stream 4K Video peer to peer to 8 billion people

BitTorrent Video Streaming

Seedess is an open P2P video streaming network of browsers, phones, desktops and servers


BitTorrent in the Browser

Seedess enables browsers to stream to and from BitTorrent. Seedess creates "Hybrid Peers" that link browsers to BitTorrent


100% Availability

By redundantly distributing media streams via peers we achieve 100% availability and reduce video streaming costs by 70%


100% Compatibility

Seedess is open source and supports modern browsers that support P2P while older browsers (~20%) fallback to regular video streaming

P2P Video Streaming

Stream video from peers and reduce video streaming server bandwidth by 70%

Stream 4K UHD Video

Stream real 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with ease. HD video is processed real time in chunks by the browser and distributed to peers over encrypted BitTorrent

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BitTorrent Streaming

Seedess open source video player extends the HTML <video> element to play a BitTorrent <source> such as a magnet or .torrent video files in the browser

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Optimized Video Streaming

Videos are streamed simultaneously from peers, Cloud Storage (eg: S3) and CDNs (eg. CloudFlare) increasing speed and efficiency while using the least server resources

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All platforms stream unlimited video from the Seedess network
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  • check Unlimited P2P video streaming
  • check Support existing HTML5 <video>
  • check Open Source Video Player
  • check 100% serverless streaming
  • check HD Video 720p + 1080p
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  • check Customizable Video Player
  • check Serverless + Amazon S3
  • check UHD Video 2K + 4K
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Custom Platform

  • check Private BitTorrent Network
  • check Private Browser P2P Network
  • check Private DHT Network
  • check Private key signed streams
  • check Ethereum smart contracts
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